DIARIES OF KARL MARX, 2016 - Video installation
Diaries of Karl Marx is a two channel video and sound installation from the series with the same name. These series of video sound pieces relate to each other as parts of one common gesture that follows the alignment of the superimposition of memories from seemingly unrelated moments in time and space. 
In this particular piece, archival images are juxtaposed in a two channel video projection. One image is a 5’’ excerpt of a Gabber movement documentary - a Dutch electronic music subculture from the 90’s - where the dancer caught under a strobe light is slowed down.

The sound of the video - a strong electronic music beat - is also slowed down at the same rate as the moving image creating a low frequency drone that resembles a far away explosion from a war zone juxtaposed with a footage of the ship crossing the seas (a reference to the trade ship Karl Marx, gifted by the USSR to Angola and then beached after the civil war). The overlaying of both images creates a strobe effect in a gesture of abstract dissonance.

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